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Mold Damage Evaluation

Did you know that mold is often referred to as a "hidden danger" because it's often unseen? Indoor mold growth and air quality concerns can be serious. Even though there are no federal EPA regulations for mold, the EPA cites indoor exposure to mold as a cause for many health problems including asthma, sinusitis and allergic reactions. Over 50% of homes or businesses have a mold issue. If you suspect your home or business have a mold issue this might be a good time to evaluate your situation.


Particle Counters have become of the inspector and mold remediator's tool for determining the air quality of an area. These instruments work on real time and determining the course of action needed.

Mold has a particle size of 3-12 microns

Mold Spores has a particle size of 10-30 microns

.3 micron is the rating for HEPA filters used in the mold remediation process.