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Odor Control Services

Odor Control is to neutralize or change (modify) an existing odor.

The benefits of odor control for health are:

  1. There is reduced anxiety and stress.

  2. With this reduced anxiety and stress, there is a better living conditions and there is better productivity in the workplace.

  3. With odor control, there is the removal or absence of potentially harmful contamination, i.e. microorganisms/germs. 

Odor Control is essential for maintaining a pleasant environment in homes and businesses.​

Types of Contaminations:

Different types of contaminants can cause odors, including:

  • Animal urine/waste/dander

  • Bacteria/fungi

  • Chemicals

  • Cigarettes/cigars/pipes

  • Cooking or burnt-food odors

  • Decomposition

  • Fire and Smoke damage

  • Fireplace soot

  • Flood water

  • Gross filth

  • Hoarding piles/stashes

  • Human bodily fluids/waste

  • Marijuana

  • Mildew

  • Mold

  • Rodent waste

  • Sewage backup

  • Spoiled food

Who Can Benefit:

A wide range of individuals and businesses can benefit from odor control solutions:

  • Homeowners: After water damage, fire incidents, or other disasters, homeowners appreciate a clean and fresh-smelling environment.

  • Commercial Property Owners: Hotels, restaurants, and office buildings rely on professional odor control to maintain a comfortable atmosphere for employees and customers. 

  • Property Managers and Real Estate Agents: Effective odor control helps maintain property value, eliminates health risks, and creates pleasant environments for tenants and buyers.

Determining which equipment to use.

Vaportek Restorator:

Utilizes a 100% natural, non-toxic system that incorporates natural essential oils and odor neutralizing compounds, which are suspended in a membrane cartridge. Unlike fogging and ozone treatments, this system can be used in occupied areas. It will not harm plants, animals or people. The membrane cartridge is re-usable and will last 270 hours, depending on membrane size utilized. They been proven to be effective on a wide range of odor problems. It treats areas up to 20,000 Cubic Feet.  

Negative Air Machine:

A negative air machine (also known as an air scrubber) is used to create a controlled environment by removing airborne particles, contaminants, and odors. It works by drawing air through a series of filters, capturing particles, and exhausting clean air. Negative air machines are commonly used in construction, mold remediation, and restoration projects. Today the negative air machine can be incorporated with the Vaportek Restorator in dealing with odors. 

Ozone Generators:

Ozone is the most effective means of deodorization for odor control, but it is a slower process. All people, pets and plants must be removed from the treatment area. The ozone generator is an electrically device which produces an oxidizing odor control gas that neutralizes organic odor molecules, produce ozone. These units have selected power levels, and some units have timers for select length of time to run. These units can have a biological contamination and odor in areas from 15,000 cubic feet to 40,000 cubic feet. 


Wet or cold fogging equipment:

These include a variety of trigger, pump and electric sprayers of either applying light or heavy amounts of water-based chemicals. The general use of these sprayers is airspace fogging, duct sealing, sub-surface and interior wall fogging of disinfectants, and removing loose particulate matter, such as soot.

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