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Smoke Damage

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Fire & Smoke Damage Accounts for over $9 Billion in Damage Each Year

.53% of 100 homes will file a claim

There's an average of 384,000 of homes damaged each year 

Why have your home or business evaluated/inspected for smoke damage? 

Smoke damage not only affects your home, and your personal belongings, but it also affects your health. Since smoke is a complex mixture of toxic gases and particles, which are generated from various materials that burn. Soot is the carbonaceous deposits remaining after incomplete combustion. Soot is typically black or gray, whereas ash is typically white or light gray. Soot contains traces of the fuel caused it, allowing the identification of the source. Soot and the combustion byproducts associated with it can be harmful.

With a high concentration of smoke, there are several contaminants that may be present on the remaining materials and in the breathable air that can cause health issues or lingering odors in the home. The presence of soot may cause discoloration of materials/paint due to the acidic properties as well as settling into porous materials resulting in smoke-like odors that can last for years!

This should never be overlooked, when there is a presence of smoke odor in the home or business.      

The Ongoing Damage of Acid Residues

Within the First Few Hours

Acid Soot Residues, within minutes, may cause discoloration of plastic surfaces, rapidly cooling hot oils, combined with soot residues, may form a difficult film on surfaces due to heat, some surfaces may expand and entrap the soot residues.


Within the First Day

In the presence of acid soot residues, grout is stained, bath fixtures yellow permanently, metal tarnish, counter tops yellow, appliances yellow (especially those extending the heat line), furniture finishes discolor.

Within Three to Five Days

In the presence of acid soot residues, painted walls may yellow permanently, metal corrodes and pits, wood furniture may require refinishing, linoleum floor may require replacement, clothing, drapery, and upholstery furniture become permanently stained.

Within the First Two Weeks

Acid Soot Residues may cause carpet fibers synthetic in particularly. to yellow permanently, silver plate is corroded permanently, glass, china, and crystal may require replacement, due to severe etching and pitting caused by prolonged exposure due to acid soot.

Smoke Damage and Your Health

Soot is a greasy or powder-like substance made primarily from carbon that is a byproduct of fires. Unfortunately, this substance creates a lot of health hazards in your home, including the following.

Lung problems - Particles from a fire that remain on surfaces can get into and irritate the lungs, creating various issues.

Skin issues - A smoke-damaged home can cause skin issues such as itchiness and rashes.

Carbon monoxide poisoning -Gases from soot and smoke particles can cause dizziness, headaches, and poisoning.

Prolonged exposure to soot can even increase the risk of certain types of cancer. According to the EPA, some people are more at risk to smoke damage, such as older adults, children, people with existing heart or lung issues, and pregnant women. It should go without saying that you don't want this substance in your home,

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