Water Damage Evaluation, Mold Damage Evaluation, Smoke Damage Evaluation

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Water Damage Evaluation

Water damage to a home or business is the most destructive event to happen. Everyday there is a water damage event occurring within a home and business and not even been noticed. Study shows that 36% of 100 homes will have some form of water damage each year and 51% will not report these loses. Water damage accounts for over $11 Billion in damage each year. This might be a good time to have your home or business evaluated if you suspect any water damage.   

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Mold Damage Evaluation

Did you know that mold is often referred to as a "hidden danger" because it's often unseen? Indoor mold growth and air quality concerns can be serious. Even though there are no federal EPA regulations for mold, the EPA cites indoor exposure to mold as a cause for many health problems including asthma, sinusitis and allergic reactions. Over 50% of homes or businesses have a mold issue. If you suspect your home or business have a mold issue this might be a good time to evaluate your situation.


Smoke Damage Evaluation

Wood smoke has more than 100 chemicals in common with cigarette smoke.

Soot classified as PM 2.5---particulate matter 2.5 um (micrometers) in diameter --- has been linked to significantly increased risk of death from lung cancer and other respiratory ailments. Fine particles of this size and smaller evade the body's natural defense and migrate deep into the lungs. If you suspect a smoke damage problem, it might be time to evaluate the situation.

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