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Mold Damage Evaluation, Water Damage Evaluation, Smoke Damage Evaluation





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Why have your home or business evaluated for water, mold or smoke damage?

After over thirty years in the cleaning and restoration industry, we here at DAVHENCO Inc is now offering evaluation services to homeowners and business owners in evaluating the home or business for water, mold or smoke damage. As people are becoming more aware of their environment within the structure, they have starting requesting our services to perform these evaluations. Most people ask what is the difference between an assessment and an evaluation. An assessment only allows you to observed what can be seen visually without any manipulation of the structure and this will not allow that person to perform any mitigation or remediation work (This is consider a conflict of interest). An evaluation allows the person to manipulate the components of the structure, write up a proposal  and perform any mitigation or remediation services that are required.
IICRC Certified Firm
IICRC Certified Master Water Restorer
IICRC Certified Master Fire & Smoke Restorer
IICRC Certified Master Textile Cleaner
Over 30 Years in Business

Over the years we have been called upon to perform water damage mitigation, structural drying, mold remediation, mold inspections and odor control services when the need arises.

We have provided services for:

  • Insurance Companies and Adjusters

  • Building Contractors

  • Real Estate Professionals

  • Homeowners

  • Business Owners

  • Auctioneers

  • Attorneys

  • Medical Institutions

  • Plumbers

  • Local Governments

We provide the following services

  • Water Damage Mitigation

  • Structural Drying

  • Mold Inspection

  • Mold Remediation

  • Sewage Damage Cleanup

  • Consulting Services in Water  Damage, Mold  Damage and Fire/Smoke Damage

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