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Evaluation Inspections, Mitigation and Remediation Services




We devote our services to damage evaluation inspections, water damage mitigation, mold remediation and smoke damage mitigation.

Damage Inspection Evaluation

When it comes to damage evaluation, this process is an inspection, to determine air quality of a home or business. Also, when you have questions of lingering odors, or someone is experiencing flu like symptoms, or there could be some hidden damage that is not visible. This might be time to get your home or business evaluated for water, mold or smoke damage. 


Water Damage Mitigation

Whenever water damage occurs, it is important that you move fast to prevent further damage to your property. The first 24 hours is the most critical time to address the situation.
It is in your best interest to have a trained and certified water damage technician to address these situations. They will know the proper procedures, the category type of water damage as well as the different classes of water damage. 

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The primary goal of mold remediation is to bring the indoor space or spaces back to normal ecology.
The recently published "Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Remediation" Manual S520
by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) defines a clean environment as "an indoor environment that may have settle spores, fungal fragments or traces of actual growth, whose identity, location, and quantity are reflective of a normal fungal ecology for a similar environment." 

Mold Remediation

Smoke Damage

Smoke damage is a danger to a person and their property. It contains soot and combustion products, has a suffocating odor, and at the same time, it quickly spreads around the surrounding area.
It is worth eliminating smoke damage as quickly as possible. The fact is that combustion particles and soot, which deposited in your home because of smoke, are dangerous to your health. They often contain carcinogens, and, in general, it is not useful to breathe smoke. 

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